Top 10 Free Android Apps that you must have in your device

Hey guys! Welcome to the blog, today I’ll tell you about some cool android apps that you must have in your smart phone and possibly you have installed most of them because they are quite good and worthy. I personally use them and have compared them with many other apps in the  Google play store. So don’t worry I’ll always recommend the best for you. Another thing I’m not doing any promotion of these apps neither do I have anything related with their developer. Its just that these android apps need to be on your device for better experience and performance.
So lets get started with the list :


1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Android app
This app is for PDF viewing,editing & creating. It gives you many more features like bookmark, selecting, copy, paste and many more. This app also has “night mode” so if you have a habbit or reading e-book at night you can go for this application.You can consider it as best as compared to other apps for same purpose. Another best part is that it is available for both android as well as windows, so you can download for both if you want.


2. Cam Scanner

Free Android app
This app is for creating pdf and scanning image.You can scan images and create a document file in form of a pdf. For example if you want to send notes to someone you can use this app for a better and proper well manner notes rather than sending pictures or typing the whole content in notepad or wordpad. It also enhances the image quality and make the document look more clear as well as sharp, so this is a must needed app if you are a student.


3. Files Go

Free Android app
Google gives us many apps but this one is my favourite. Google Files Go is the app which help you clearing junk files, duplicate files as well as other unnecessary media. You don’t need to browse through your file manger and look for unnecessary junk stuff, Files go does that for you and make it easy and simple. You can select which file you want to keep or delete and create more space for other things.


4. MX Player

Free Android app
MX player is the best player for the android devices.I have tested many video players but this player has something different. It plays all kind of video whether it is HD or 4K UltraHD, another plus point is that it gives you the option of audio type and caption. You can select which audio track you want to listen (link Hindi or English) and can turn on/off the caption. It also search for subtites online for the file you want, which is a different feature from any other app.


5. Net Speed Indicator

                                        Image result for NEt speed indicator android app
Many android apps don’t have the feature like internet speed indicator because of which we have to go through Youtube or Playstore or chrome to check whether our network is working or not. But with this app you will get a speed indicator in your status bar, which shows both downloading as well as uploading speed of your network. It gets disable automatically when your device is not connected to an internet connection. Another point is that, this app does not takes much space on your disk, so even if you have a low storage device than no problem you can download it.


6. Google News

Free Android app
We all know that apps developed by Google are perfect in every manner similar is the google news. For example you are a newspaper reader and somehow you missed today’s newspaper don’t worry this app will help you. You can select which kind of news you want to read and in which language. It shows the main headline and content, no click-bait is there. Only real and true news are there on google news that means you want get any fake news or rumour regarding anything.


7. PicsArt

Free Android app
For me,this app have been the best editing app for android.I’m a just beginner in editing but this app allow so many features like fonts, filters, stickers, frames,etc. An  expert like you can use it better. It have many features which other apps lack. One of its best feature is “square fit” which make any shape of image in square and best suited for the DP(Display Picture) on social media. You should try this at least once and if you liked it you can upgrade to its premium version and get more access.


8. SHAREit

Free Android app
Shareit is the fastest app for data transferring/sharing and i hope you guys should be using it. This app is getting better day by day and allowing its users to get more features and options. There is nothing left to say about it, I guess you guys know better about it.


9. Snaptube

Consider this app as a copy of youtube, but it has more options than that. You can watch online videos on it and can download them as well in both mp3 (audio) as well as mp4 (video) format. Downloaded stuff from snaptube can be share and copy elsewhere from the device and once downloaded than the file is permanent. It also consumes less data and gives same video quality. You can also use as download manager for downloading media rather that surfing on the google for it. But you have to download this app from google or anyother search engine as it is not available on PlayStore.


10. TeaTV

One of the best App I would say. This app allows you to download any movie, web series, tv shows, anime, cartoon or anything whether that belongs to netflix, amazon prime or any other stuff. You can download it for free. No need to surf on google or torrent for your movie, webseries, etc, you can simply download it from here. But this app is also not available on PlayStore you have to download it from Google or anyother search engine.

Thats all…

Hope you all liked this blog,Don’t forget to comment and tell your favourite app!
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