How to become legit Hacker in PUBG Mobile with skills (UPDATED 2020)

PUBG Mobile is an online battle royale game and getting popular all around the world. The Tencent itself hosts many tournaments among the players all around the world. Its users are increasing rapidly, and people want to know more about the game and its weapon. Which is best for them and why? So a warm welcome to the readers and today I’ll help you in improving your gameplay just with some simple PUBG Mobile tips and tricks which you might have seen but never noticed or bothered to pay attention.

TIP 1: Move And Fire

I have seen many players in PUBG that, when they shoot at their enemy, they stand still and keep firing. In this case, imagine if your opponent also crossfire then the condition becomes the same. Now, whose aim and gun is better will decide who will win. Imagine he has an AKM and aims for the head then you will die for sure no matter if you have a level 3 helmet or anything. To get an advantage over other regular players always try to move and shoot. By this, you will be missing many of his bullets and prevent your HP (Health Power) and damaging him as well. But you have to adjust your aim too. Like if you are moving left while firing then you have to swipe your screen to the right to focus your aim on the enemy.

TIP 2: Advance Movement

PUBG MObile Tips

Alright you are a different than other ordinary player and you always move while firing, so what now?
Well in such cases you can add some more specific movement known as “Drills” like crouch and peek while firing. At higher tiers people aim for head directly rather than the body so by crouching or peeking you can surprise your enemy and can defend your head too. This trick works in 99% cases and helps you in knocking them out without getting much damage.
Similar is the Jiggle drill – introduced by Jonathan. Jiggle is my favorite drill now and also looks cool. In Jiggle, you to constantly move right and left while firing like in a second you have to go right and left. While jiggling, you might find yourself slow from your perspective, but your enemy will be shocked.
Another drill is Drop-Shot. Believe me or not but this drill was introduced by the bots. Yes, bots were the first to perform Drop-shot. Drop-shot is the most simple drill but it also restricts your movement. I’ll suggest doing this drill only when your enemy is too far or you are low on HP. To perform drop-shot you have to just tap on prone button while firing. Your opponent won’t be able to adjust the aim in such a quick time period.
Pre-fire – If you know your enemy’s location while rushing just before 1-2 seconds start firing so that you can connect more bullets than your enemy.

TIP 3: Knock And Nade

Pubg mobile tips

Well yeah, it is quite common, and most of us know it, Always try to knock 1 or 2 players of the opponent so that you can have an advantage. Throw some grenades and Molotov in a compound before pushing which will make your enemy panic and try to keep a teammate with you for cover fire and backup. So by chance, if you missed someone, your teammate will be able to take him down and easily wipe out the squad. PUBG is the game of strategy and mind, to master it you have to use strategy and tactics.

TIP 4: Smoke Wall

Pubg mobile tips

A lot of players don’t use smokes while pushing through open fields, looting crates or airdrops, reviving a teammate. Use smokes don’t save them for the next game, Use them where you find it necessary. You can also use smoke to block the TPP or use it as a wall of smoke to change your position and remain undetected. Also in the last zone, you can use smoke by throwing them at different positions to confuse your enemy. You can also create a passage of smoke to move into the zone if you are in an open field. Also, you can use them as false grenade on your enemy. Maybe your enemy comes out or if he doesn’t you will be able to block his view and rush or change your position.

TIP 5: Don’t Go for 1 vs 4 directly

No matter which gun you have or which level helmet or vest you have you can’t win against 1 vs 4 situation. Try to trick your opponents using obstacles, smokes, and building in such cases to puzzle. Keep changing your position, don’t confirm enemy if you knocked one of them just threw nade or moli them and change your position. You have to trick them and then only you will be able to win. Hear the sounds carefully whether they are moving or healing and take action accordingly.

TIP 6: Rotate or Flank

Yep, Try to rotate or flank on your enemy rather than the straight fight, it helps a lot. You will shock your enemy and know their position as well as wipe them out without giving them a chance to think. You will be able to surround your enemies and not letting them escape. In a straight fight, you might get killed, maybe your enemy has better weapons and loot than you and your teammates. Try to rotate at the earliest without second any thought if you have spotted your opponents.

TIP 7: Scope In/Out

PUBG MObile Tips Scope out Pubg

Many players don’t use scope-in and keep firing and get killed. Let me tell you if you fires without scoping in your bullets spread widely that means only 4 bullets out of 10 would hit your enemy in a little long-range. So try to scope in and fire to connect more bullets. When you scope-in your aim becomes more accurate than the cross-air.

But remember, Don’t scope-in in close combat as it blocks a huge view and might get you killed. So fires without scoping-in in close combat. In close combat, almost 8 bullets will hit your enemy all thanks to aim-assist so relax you can shoot without scoping-in. All you have to do is keep your cross-air on opponent and bullets will connect.

TIP 8: Position and Cover

Cover Pubg

Taking cover is also a major factor while defending yourself. I’ve seen many players with good aim and skills often expose themself to the enemy and got knocked out. Having a better aim and experience is good but underestimating your opponent is an act of carelessness. Whether your enemy is a noob or not, don’t expose your self completely at least stand near a cover, so if you get knocked there is some hope of reviving and getting back to the game. Let us consider a situation, you have spotted your enemy in open without any cover and you started taking him down. By doing this you have also exposed yourself to other the enemies as well by giving your position. There is a high chance of a third-party now and you don’t have cover either to defend yourself. All you can do is create some smoke walls which might give you some time to think.

TIP 9: Recoil Control

The most and important factor that affect your performance is recoil control. Each gun has its own recoil accordingly. Generally, guns with 7.62 mm have high recoil than any other guns. You can control recoil better by gyroscope and perfect sensitivity. If you don’t use gyroscope then you have to adjust the ADS (Aim Down Side) sensitivity with respect to the gun’s recoil.

Shooting while being prone also minimizes the recoil and increase the accuracy you should try it for a long-range fight. Peek and crouch also decrease the recoil as compare to firing while standing. So in the mid-range fight, it is a better option to spray in this position.

Small Machine Guns (SMGs) have the least recoil like Uzi, UMP45, Vector, and many more. They have very little recoil which can easily be controlled but in mid-range or long-range fights, their damage is almost negligible.

TIP 10: Gyroscope


Gyroscope is the sensor that is mostly present in every smartphone these days. Gyroscope works as you move your device your screen moves as well and this is the function of it. You have to enable it in PUBG but just set it to scope-on if you are a beginner. It helps in better aim and recoil control. You have to tilt the device and the screen will move too. So if you are firing while scoping-in all you have to do is bending the device forward to control recoil. The player with two fingers depends totally on the gyroscope for recoil control and it works perfectly.

TIP 11: Claw or Three-Finger Set-up

Well to become a better player than most of the average guys, you have to upgrade (if you are not using any accessories). Exceptions are always there either you build a strong muscle-memory connection and master two-finger with gyroscope or switch to more fingers. I had upgraded to three-finger it helped me in recoil control and now I’m using claw (four-finger setup) which adds a quick scope and some advance movement. (P.S. – I don’t use gyroscope)
I’m providing some pictures of my setup.

claw setup pubg three finger setup pubg

TIP 12: Perfect LoadOut

Pubg mobile tips
You need to find out which gun is best suited for you whether it is M416, AKM, Scar L, M762, or any other. Pick up a gun and practice with it in the training session. Always choose a gun that you can handle. For example, AKM is the most powerful Assault Rifle (Not more than Groza) in the game and has the highest damage but it also has a great recoil that players can’t control. Always use the gun whose recoil you can control while firing. You need to practice more with it and find its perfect sensitivity according to your gameplay.

TIP 13: Idle Sensitivity

Sensitivity plays a major role in combat, one needs to set it accordingly as per his requirement. To find your idle sensitivity, you have to practice more and change it. I have played a lot of practice sessions to find the best-suited sensitivity for myself, you have to do the same.
Under the sensitivity section, there are three types of sensitivity.
  1. Camera- This one decides the movement of your each scope.
  2. ADS- It stands for Aim Down Side and is used to control the recoil of guns.
  3. Gyroscope- It works on the basis of gyro-sensor and is used to control recoil & better aim just by moving device.
I’m providing some screenshots of my sensitivity in PUBG which might help you.
Pubg mobile Sensitivity Pubg mobile Sensitivity Pubg mobile Sensitivity

TIP 14: Quick Scope

Under the scope section in settings, you will find an option quick scope which is disabled by default. You have to enable it to switch easily between scopes without opening the bag again and again. In close combat, it helps a lot with fast switching among scopes and fire. It’s not that much big thing but it does matter to me. I depend too much on it for fast switching.

TIP 15: Accessories

There are many accessories for mobile so that the user can have a better experience. I have created a separate blog which contains a list of best accessories for PUBG Mobile and helps you in improving your gameplay. You can go and quickly check them out, maybe you will be able to find a perfect one for you.

TIP 16: Better device and Network

Your gameplay will improve by 50% just by switching to a better network and device. It plays a major role in your performance. Lags, frame-drops are the basic problem of may players who play this game on low-end specification devices. Most of the players don’t have a better device which affects their gameplay switching to a better device and network will instantly improve your gameplay.

TIP 17: Game & Sound Sense

Developing both is important to become a pro player. And it can be gained only by experience. Gaming is the only field where the one who has failed a lot and improved himself will be able to master it. The simple logic behind that is you play more, you learn more. You should be able to predict the opponent’s movement, next play-zone, whether to take the fight or not. It all comes with experience.

Also, the sound sense must at its peak, you should be able to tell their position just with the sound of footsteps. Pubg has made different sounds for different places and you should remember them well. Don’t trust only on what you see, start believing in your hearing ability.

Basic Knowledge, You must know

  1. A Molotov can break the door but a nade can’t.
  2. With Molotov you can finish a knocked down player.
  3. Weapons with 7.62mm ammo are most powerful.
  4. A bolt-man action sniper rifle cannot penetrate a level 3 helmet even it is a little damaged.
  5. Groza is the most powerful automatic rifle(AR) in the game.
  6. Smokes can be used in the last zone to confuse your opponents.
  7. Dacia is faster than Uaz and motorcycle is the fastest vehicle.
  8. M416 is the most stable gun because of its attachments like muzzle, foregrip, stock, and additional magazine. Thus M416 is the best gun.
  9. AKM is second powerful with a great recoil.
  10. M762 and AKM have almost the same damage but M762 is more stable.
  11. Aim-assist works better or iron-sight of the gun than using any other sight like red-dot or holographic.
  12. Scar-L has better aim to assist for headshot than other guns.
  13. You can see through smoke by switching to FPP.
  14. You can land faster if you set your joystick at 10’O clock while facing downward.
  15. You can prone faster while switching guns.
That’s all the PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, Good luck and Enjoy your game

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