OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 – Honest and full review

OnePlus is best known for its smartphones,But they also make a bunch of high quality accessories (cases, bags, earphones) which don’t really get the attention they deserve. The audio range started with the OnePlus Bullets earphones, which have been sold with both the universal 3.5mm plug, as well as the newer USB Type-C connector. Last year, the Chinese electronics manufacturer launched its first wireless earphones, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless, alongside the OnePlus 6. A year later, we have its successor — The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2.

OnePlus has launched their Bullet Wireless 2 in India at the price range of Rs.5,990. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 has made a lot of improvement as compared to its previous version.There is a complete change in its design as well as sound quality.Lets talk about it in detail.

Bullets 2 Design

OnePlus Bullets 2 design
OnePlus Bullets 2 design

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 comes with a neck band style which is covered by the rubber. It is quite comfortable and thin, so doesn’t feel heavy even after using for a long period of time. The ear buds are made of metal and has magnets, the magnet is strong and doesn’t spill around easily. There are two battery modules on each side and are perfectly balanced. While the controller designed is remained same as in the OnePlus Bullets Wireless, the neck band has 3 inline buttons one is for play/pause and other for volume up and down. On left battery module you will find a LED notification light with a button.

OnePlus claims that they have tested the earbuds for 600+ ears and fits in every ear size perfectly. Although they have fit in mine perfectly. It has a USB Type-C port for charging and supports company’s Warp Charge standard.In terms of comfort, OnePlus has made a huge improvement as compared to the older one. The new model has much softer silicon ear tips that feels much soft and comfortable.

Software & Features

OnePlus Bulllets 2
OnePlus Bullets 2

In OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2, you will find a huge difference in terms of sound quality. It support for the aptX and aptX HD Bluetooth codecs and rely on Bluetooth 5.0 for fast pairing. It hardly takes 2 sec to pair with any android device. While using with any OnePlus device it allows some extra customization for better access. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 has the MFP (Magnetic Fast Pairing) technology. To disconnect it from any device all you have to do is just join the earbuds. The music will pause and when you put it back on within seconds it will pair and music will start again.

You can easily switch between any paired device just be pressing twice the button next to the notification light. I find this feature quite useful, now I can easily switch between my phone and laptop just by a double tap. Talking about software it also has the noise cancellation feature which eliminates the outside noise and takes you to a whole different world. I have tested them in almost every environment and they performed well.

Sound Quality

Bullets Wireless 2 has made improvement in terms of sound quality but still you will find something missing. Lemme tell you about it in detail. We can divide the music in 3 parts – the lower end which is bass , the middle part that are vocals and the upper end for instrumental sounds. The middle part is amazing you can hear it clearly, which is the best part in terms of sound quality. The upper end is also good you can listen the instrumental songs and feel them. But in lower end, bass quality us just OK. If you listen music with heavy bass you might not like them. I personally feel that the bass quality is below average as I also listen to the heavy base music.

Although the sync quality is also good while watching movie or any video on Youtube, you won’t find any lag. But in gaming, I have used them for PUBG the most popular royale game in India. I find some lag of around 1 second which is enough to get you killed, so if you are planning to buy them for gaming I will not recommend that. Go for the wired earphones they are best for gaming.

Battery Life & Box Content

OnePlus Bullets Wireless is a massive game changer in terms of battery life. OnePlus claims that with just a charge of 10 minutes you can get a playback time of 10 hours. And after full charge, playback time of 14 hours which means alot. Even after slim design and light weight they have managed to provide a huge battery life. You can check the battery level of these earphones in your smartphone.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2
OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2

Talking about the box content you will get a Type-C USB cable, A basic case, some extra ear tips, basic paper guide. By default size are of ear tips are perfect but company offer two extra pair to find perfect fit for your ears. It is a great effort by OnePlus to provide a basic case, so you can prevent them for long term.

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