PHIXMAN to brighten your Diwali with two more stores in Delhi/NCR

New Delhi, 24th,October, 2019 – The smartphone and laptop repair startup company gave all its customers a Diwali present by officially launching two more stores in Delhi and NCR, one in Mukherjee Nagar and other one in Gurugram. Already a well established and popular startup which is a one-stop solution for phones and laptop repairs, is expanding its geographical reach in Delhi and NCR, by launching new stores in different regions, providing quality& timely solutions and reasonable prices and discount on repairs for smartphones and laptops on the occasion of Diwali. The company aims to solve the problems in the repairing industry with a focus on customer experience.

The idea behind the inception of this startup was to provide an easy, effective and accessible solution for all problems related to smartphone and gadget repair in line with its motto of our company is You break, we collect, we Phix. On the occasion of Diwali, Phixman has opened two new stores, one in Mukherjee Nagar and other in Gurugram and is also offering 30% discount on all its services, as Diwali offer. Phixman provides free pick and drop service for the repair of its customer’s gadget and also has a special DOOR STEP mobile repair services at PAN India in which the technical person of Phixman will visit to customer’s home and their smartphone will be repaired in front of them, which will give them new trust on brand Phixman.

Phixman store

On the occasion of the opening, Co- Founder, Mr Shaad Rehman said, “Launching stores in Mukherjee Nagar and Gurugram on the auspicious occasion of Diwali gave us extreme happiness as it was a gift from our side to all our potential customers. We are also giving 30% discount on all our services and every kind of repair. The kind of services our start-up Phixman provides is far better than our local competitors in terms of quality, prices and facilities. While the services and facilities provided by the local phone repair shops cannot be banked upon when it comes to security and service warranty, Phixman’s team has experienced and security cleared engineers, equipment and procedures, and Phixman also guarantee every repair for three months.”

Phixman has extensive expansion plans and intends to launch 300 stores PAN India and internationally too. Taking this further, Phixman has recently opened stores in Jammu, Siliguri, Gandhinagar, Madhurai, Sikkim & Chennai. To penetrate further, the company is looking to raise funding in the near future.In the month of July Phixman is launching its third store in Hyderabad, first store in Suryapet, second store in Nagpur and Coimbatore and first store in Hisar and Tirupathi. Phixman has an aim of launching more than 400 stores in India and abroad by the end of year 2020.


Phixman is a one stop solution for all needs and requirements for the repair of Smartphone and Tablets. It provides the word ‘fixing’ by making it more easy, effective, efficient and within the reach of all. Incepted with an idea to make Smartphone repair a breeze, Phixman takes care of all problems such as damaged screen, parts missing, or any other issue at the convenience of the customers. It provides doorstep service as well physical stores in few cities.

The idea is to solve bigger problems in the industry not only for our customer but also for brands for their post retail services for creating more brand loyalty after every customer takes the service. They deal in every smartphone brand and laptop brand available in the market like Apple, Samsung, etc.

They provide their services to local customers, PHIXMAN specializes in its services without loopholes all your requirements reach expert hands. Their massive investment in engineers, equipment and procedures and consequently will definitely provide you the extreme best experience, they are now able to offer our exceptional services nationwide.


Every customer avail the best from their expertise, antagonistic prices, rapid turnaround and a masterly service all together with all-inclusive knowledge in this particular specific field. They are equipped with the latest distinctive supplies enabling us to diagnose and repair your Products to the core. You will see the intensity in their work and magic in their hands.



At PHIXMAN Store you will get all the basic as well as advance accessories you’ll need for your device whether Android, IOS or any other. They have earphones, headphones, protection glass, covers, screen, and many more accessories. Phixman ensure the 100% original quality of product used and gives warranty after any repair.

Services they avail :

1. All Brand & Models

They repair all brands and their models whether Andoird or IOS. So that if you are unable to find any service centre near you, PHIXMAN is there to help you.

2. 1-Day service

Phixman ensure any kind of repair at its earliest and mostly within a day. So if you are in any trouble and want repair at the earliest you can rely on them. They provide the fastest service all over the nation.

3. Genuine parts

They use genuine parts and believe in quality as trust of customer is most important for them, they keep a transparency with their customer.

4. Data Security

Phixman also make sure that your data will remain safe with them. If you are relying on them its their duty to secure your data and so far haven’t heard anything wrong or any sort of misuse of data from their side.

5. 90-Days Warranty

After repair you will get warranty of 3 months so that if you find any problem you can consult with them and won’t charge any extra for that. So next time feel free if you are facing any issue.

6. Skilled Technicians

They have all the skilled technician at they stores or service center. They don’t take any risk and provide perfection to its customer.

7. Door-Step Service

Phixman also provide door to door service, you can simply call or fill a form at their site regarding your issue they will pickup you device and return it after its repair. You don’t have to worry or mess around, they will do that for you.

You can go and check out the nearest PHIXMAN store.

Also visit to their official site by clicking here.

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