MG ZS EV – First Electric Car in India by MG

A British automotive sports car manufacturer, MG has launched its first Electric Car in India. MG ZS EV is the family-friendly electric car that majors on space and practicality, setting new standards as the most high-tech MG. Company design this SUV to bring a change in the environment. MG has collaborated with a lot of companies that are superior in their field to bring out the best.


About MG ZS EV




The ZS EV’s three-phase permanent-magnet motor makes a strong 350Nm of torque from near-zero rpm, and what makes it so devastatingly effective is that all the torque comes in instantly. The ZS EV can go from 0-100 km/hr in just 8-10 seconds. MG ZS EV has a powerful engine and won’t let you down in any case even though it is electrically powered.

MG ZS EV is an SUV and probably biggest in its class range, its design is simply awesome and catchy to eyes. Just like their first car MG Hector, ZS EV is also an internet car. It will show you the nearest Charging Point, GPS, and does all the digital work for you. They have installed a filter inside the car, that purifies the air around you. It shows the AQI (Air Quality Index) of the air outside and inside the car.

New EV has a 44.5 kWh ternary lithium-ion battery that took around 6-8 hr of charge. With just a single charge you can go up to 340 Km (approx.) without worrying about the battery.MG has introduced 5 ways to charge the SUV like AC Charging, DC Charging, Charging on the go, & many more. Even though it is an electric car you can drive it in water and it is safe. MG has tested it several times and ensured IP 47.

Interior and Feel


The MG has done well on the interiors. To begin with, the cabin is more spacious than that of its direct rival, the Hyundai Kona. There’s more legroom in the back, the Hector-like panoramic sunroof brightens up the cabin and quality levels, in general, are more impressive. Upfront, the soft-touch materials on the upper section of the dash are superbly executed, the metallic highlights are nicely done and those Audi-like air-con vents, with their rotate-and-click-to-close function, work well. Also adding to the ambiance are high-quality bits like the steering, the shuttered central console box, the well-finished door-locks – all parts that seem like they are sourced from partner VW. There are a few not-so-nice bits. The steering wheel doesn’t adjust for reach, and there are a few scratchy and poorly built plastic bits around, but these are few and far between and don’t really impact overall ambiance.

The ZS isn’t just spacious and well built, it’s comfortable too. The front seats are large and offer a fine shoulder and upper back support. There’s plenty of legroom for tall drivers and visibility from the driver’s seat is good as well. At the back, you are sat a bit low, but otherwise, the rear seat is a comfortable place to travel in; the ZS will make for a good chauffeur-driven car. What you will also find in the back of the ZS is a decent amount of boot space. At 448 litres, we found that it’s good for at least two large bags and a couple of smaller ones, and while the charger does take up a bit of space, this can easily be squeezed in between the gaps in the bags.


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