How to solve the issue of “Insufficient space”

We all have gone through this situation when our device shows a pop up that you have insufficient space and doesn’t allow us to download any other application or media file like photos, videos, audio, pdf etc.
In order to overcome this issue we need to delete some of our files or to add an extra storage like microSD cards. Most of our population belongs to a middle class family and we don’t have enough money to purchase premium smartphones with better specs and a large storage.
So let me help you with this concern 😉

How to solve insufficient space issue in device:

insufficient memory


1.By deleting some junk files 

You can delete some junk files which are taking up space in your device memory. In order to delete them you can use an app named “Files GO”. This app is by Google and help you clearing up junk as well as duplicate files. It will also show the large media in your device which you can decide to keep or eliminate. You can download it from Google Play Store.

insufficient space junk files


2.Installing a microSD card 

insufficient space
You can install a microSD card for additional space and keep some of your downloaded media and files there instead of placing them in internal storage of mobile. This will also fasten up your device’s processing. It is a smart pick to install a sd card in your device and must until or unless you have a large internal storage.


3. Disable auto app update

It is better to disable auto app update in Play Store. As it keeps on updating the apps and each time an apps gets an update its size increases which takes more space on memory. So it is better to turn auto update off and manually update the apps which you uses more and avoid updates of apps which are not used by you.


4. Uninstall the apps which you use least

For additional space you can uninstall the least used apps like swiggy,Olx, Uber,etc. These apps are not that much used by a common person, so you can uninstall these apps and install them back when you need them. This helps a lot in preserving space on your device. There are many pre-installed apps which we don’t use, we can also disable them in settings so they won’t consume battery or take an extra space.


5. Use backup provided by the Google Apps

There are many apps that provide us backup option like Google photos, google drive,notes and many more. These apps gives us an option to back up our media and files but we generally don’t use them. We should keep a backup of them on our google account, it is quite beneficial for us, in case we lost our mobile then these backup will help us to recover them and we can also delete those files from our device after creating a backup. This will also help us in creating more space for other stuff.
insufficient space


6. Deleting old media

Well there is nothing new in this and this is the first thing we do when we see “insufficient space” pop up and that is deleting the old media and files. We should keep deleting the waste files which are not useful for us and just taking up space in our device’s storage.

These are the ways to resolve the issue of insufficient space and get more space on your disk.
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