How to install windows from pendrive – simplified and most easy-way

Installing windows is always seems a difficult task if you are doing it for the first time. But it’s really simple and easy, once you will go through this blog and you will think the same way. So, here we will learn how to install windows from USB Flash Drive.

Note: Don’t skip any step else you might end up doing something terrible.

In which cases we have to re-install the windows?

  • Sometimes our PC doesn’t load the home screen this is because of the trouble in the boot-loader.
  • You might want to experience the latest windows interface and functions.
  • Your window might get corrupted.
  • Stuck in the loading screen while starting up.
  • Or you may be experiencing some other problem and someone suggested you upgrade.

In such cases, you have to re-install the windows on your system.

If your windows are working perfectly then you can easily upgrade them. All you have to do is go to the official site of Microsoft and download windows from there and simply run the setup. You can find the link to their website below.

But sometimes our PC or laptop doesn’t load and we are having an issue so in this case, we have to install windows through USB. Here, you’ll know how to install a window from USB cause it is a bit more complex. To make it simple we have uploaded an image of each step, so you don’t have to trouble yourself.

To Install the window you have to do two simple steps :

  • Download Disc Image (ISO File) of windows.
  • Make Bootable USB Drive.


  • USB – A standard USB that can handle File Size Limit, ex- 16-gigabyte flash drive.
  • Space on the disk (Minimum 1GB)


1. How to download the Windows (ISO FILE)


Before you install a new window, you have to download its disc image. You can easily find the ISO file of any windows online at the Official site of Microsoft. Look for your version of windows and download it. Just for example if you want to download windows 10, search for “Windows 10 ISO Image File”.


How to install windows from pendrive


To download the link of ISO File of Windows 10, Click Here.

  • After that, you have to download the creation tool and run its setup.

Install Windows


  • When the setup wizard starts, select your preferred language, accepts its terms and terms and conditions and click on the accept button.



  • Choose the “Create installation media” and click on the Next button. Wait for the ISO File to download, it may take several minutes.



  • You can also activate the windows later if you have the product key.

Now you are done with the downloading process of the windows, let’s move to the next step.


2. Make Bootable USB Drive


To make the USB bootable, we have to use the USB creation tool. We will download the Rufus software for the same as It is free and easy to download (hardly 3 MB).

Download the latest version of the Rufus, Click Here to download.


How to install windows from USB


After downloading the Rufus, run it on your system. Make sure to connect your USB to the PC.

  • After running Rufus, it will automatically detect the USB. If you want to change the device you can change it manually and select it.

How to make USB bootable


  • After selecting the device, select the installation file, i.e., Disc Image of the Windows you have downloaded.


How to install windows from pendrive


  • Once you are done, check that the partition scheme should be set as MBR (Not BIOS Scehem) and leave the rest as default.

How to install windows from pendrive


  • Now click on the start button and let the process begin. It will take several minutes.

Once the process is finished, click on finish and exit. Now, Your bootable device with Windows 10 is ready.

3. Install Windows on new PC (Boot From USB)

  • Now mount the Bootable Flash Drive (USB) on the PC you want to install the Windows.
  • We will guide you through the complete setup process.
  • Start the system and begin with the installation process and further boot settings.
  • After running the system an Introductory Screen will pop-up. In the Boot Menu, you have to clear the “C disk” or any other disk where you have installed your previous windows.
  • install your windows on C Disk or you can choose any other disk. It is totally up to you, you can also do the disk partition as per your requirements.
  • Install your windows there through Windows Flash Drive (USB) on your system and enjoy it.

This is how to Install Windows from Pendrive, hope it will help you!


Once, you have installed windows you can get your USB back or make it non-bootable again just by formatting it.



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