8 Easiest steps to install a theme in WordPress

WordPress is a great platform for bloggers, it allows them to customize their website according to their needs with ease. Also, it is widely used and have gained a lot of popularity than any other platform. Another great feature of WordPress is that they provide a lot of themes and plugins for free. So if you are not willing to purchase any new theme and plugin you can rely on WordPress. Its themes are much better than others or simply you can download any other theme from Google. Choosing a better and optimized theme is important as it affects the loading speed and design of your webpage. Make sure your theme is not heavy enough and well-optimized because it will affect your rankings But how to install a theme on WordPress? here is the most simple way.

How to install or change a theme on WordPress

  1. First, you have to log in WordPress and enter into the dashboard.
  2. On the left-hand side, you will find the menu containing the “Appearance” category, click on it.
  3. Under this category, click on the themes option.
  4. There you can see the add new theme button tap on it.
  5. Now, some of the free themes which WordPress avails will be on your screen. You can choose any of them if you want or simply click on an “upload theme” on the top if you have one.
  6. If you are using WordPress default theme you can click on activate, it will be applied.
  7. Else if you are uploading a new theme you have to upload its “.zip” file. Once you have uploaded the “.zip” file wait for around 1 min to upload it completely.
  8. The same thing applies here if it is uploaded click on activate.


You can check any theme before activating it by clicking the demo. It will show the live preview of how it will look at your webpage. Figuring out a proper theme for your website is important as the presentation and looks matter. The reader is only gonna visit again if they love its presentation and interface.

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