How to increase battery life and enhance performance of a smartphone?

Today we will talk about the do’s & don’t to extended our battery life and fast performance. Now a days almost every smartphone except the premium flagship devices have heating issue, battery draining and lag problem. This all have become quite common, everyone complains about it but no one talks about the solution. So lets begin and discuss more about it.

Why battery starts draining faster than before?

Battery drain faster
We all have noticed that our battery starts draining faster almost after a year of purchase, But why?? ever think about it?There are many reasons which lead to this, Let us talk about the most basic ones.

Charging device again and again 

Yes it affects your smartphone’s battery,If you keep it charging even after few hours.Try to charge it once to full(about 97%) and then charge it after it shows you a warning of low battery.Repeatedly charging leads to shorten its battery life and some battery issues.This all happen because every battery have a fixed number of cycle and after that it degrades and store less energy as compared to earlier.

Using device while charging

It is not a good choice to use your smartphone while charging.The reason behind this is while charging our device gets heated and at the same time using it,slow down the process and it takes more time to charge.

Avoid charging upto 100% or drain it to 0%

It is not necessary to charge our device upto 100% or let it drain till 0%.Phone batteries are happiest if you keep them above 20% and below 97%.

Not optimizing the RAM

Most of us have the habit of not closing the tabs of recently used apps,believe me or not it does affect the battery life.They keeps on running in the background  and draining some part of the battery.

What to do to Extend battery’s life?


more battery
At such you can avoid the above mentioned stuff and for additional follow these instructions.

Avoid live wallpaper

Using a regular wallpaper is better than a live wallpaper.I know they look cool but they do consume more battery even if your device is in stand by mode.So try to avoid them.

Disable Auto-brightness

Choosing brightness manually is better than auto brightness option because auto brightness always shows more brightness than you need,so you can set it manually and it is better to set it as low.

Use dark theme

Try to use dark themes instead of other glowing themes this will help you saving your battery life.

Reduce screen timeout

By default our screen timeout is set to 1 minute,reduce it to 10 sec,so that when your device is not at use its screen will get turn off and save energy for further usage.

These are the things you can try to get an extended battery life.

What about its performance,why does it slow down?

phone hang

Well the processing of the device slows down because of:

Apps running in the background

Modern day smartphone do support multi-tasking but it also result in slow processing.If you runs too many apps in background but doesn’t have a powerful processor that can manage them,will ultimately result in hanging your phone.

Less internal storage

Even if you don’t have sufficient space in your device this will some how also affect the processing speed and might result in slow functioning.

Using phone while charging

Almost every device gets heated while charging[to avoid that heat,try to remove your back cover and place it on wooden furniture or ground(best option if possible)].Using device while recharging it also slows down its functioning as the device is heated and too much hot/cold condition isn’t suitable for proper function of processor,so try to not use much while charging.


What to do to now?


To boost up the processing speed of your processor,Try these things which will surely work and shows you the result.

Clear Junk files

Delete old media files and uninstall the useless/least used apps,so that they will not consume battery and end up providing more free memory.

Add more space

Install a microSD card in order to have additional space for keeping stuff and not messing up the internal storage.

Format your phone

To increase your mobile’s life you should format it once a year because while formatting we clear all the cache and junk files left behind by the uninstalled apps as well as hidden unnecessary stuff.

So this is all by my side,wish it will work for you 😉
Thanks for being a good reader, Have a nice day!!

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