How to crack APPLOCK and access the apps [Updated 2021]


First of all, this trick is for android only so, if you are here for an IOS device then I’m sorry this post is not for you 🙁 It is useful for android users only and it will work for sure no matter which device you are using. You can use this if you have a locked application and forgotten your app lock password or something like that.
Don’t worry I’ll try to keep it simple and easy. A step By Step guide is provided here to remove or uninstall the app lock app

I will also explain how to remove the Inbuilt applock of your devices like MI, Xiaomi, Realme, and many more. For that, you can scroll down and skip these two tricks!
Let’s begin with the trick.

How to crack applock?



1. First open “Settings App” on your android/target phone.

2.  In the Phone settings app, then search for “Applications” or “Apps or Notification” according to the user interface of your device.

Now locate your App lock and tap on it.

There you will find an uninstall option, click on it and wait for applock to be uninstalled.
how to crack app lock
Now you can access all your apps without any restrictions.


In some cases, we put a lock on our device’s settings for extra security. Most of us lock application settings on our android phones for advanced protection but that’s alright, this trick will help you.
Don’t worry I got you covered, here is the simple method to crack in that situation too.
1. Open the App drawer and locate your app lock.

2. Hold the app lock’s icon and drag it on the home screen, there you will find an option to uninstall.
how to crack app lock

3. Drop the icon on the uninstall option.
how to crack app lock

Step 4-After that it will ask for permission “Do you want to uninstall this app?”. Click on “OK” and wait for the applock to be uninstalled.
how to crack app lock


But lemme tell you if there is any hidden picture or video in-app lock’s vault then it won’t be covered after uninstalled. And there is no way to crack the inbuilt app lock, Nowadays many devices like Mi, Realme, etc. offer in-built app lock that cannot be cracked. The only way to access again is to reset the device and start again.


For Inbuilt Applock of your device

You cannot remove the inbuilt app lock on realme, mi, or Xiaomi phones but in such cases how to crack applock? The preferable method is this one. Here is the step guide to do it.

Method 1:

1. Click on the menu button and open the “Settings” of your android phone.

How to crack app lock

2. Then click on “fingerprint & biometrics” or “fingerprint & password” that is showing on your device.

How to crack applock

3. Click on the “fingerprint” and open it.

android phone settings

4. Under this section you will find an option similar to use “fingerprint for”. Open it, make sure you have installed your fingerprint before doing this step.

5.Now, here you will find an option on Applock, enable it or turn it On. Now you can use your app lock with your fingerprint.


But if you want to remove the app lock from locked applications and unlock them. Do this,

1. Again go to “Fingerprint & Biometrics” and click on “App lock”, unlock it using your fingerprint.

2. Search for locked applications and click on them.

Inbuilt applock

3. There you will find an option of “App lock”, disable it and your lock apps will be unlocked.


Method 2:

If you have locked your phone’s settings and locked it for advanced protection then How to Crack Applock Now? the only option is to format your device. But note that after formatting the device your personal data will be erased.

To format your android device for these simple steps. And for a more detailed guide, you can watch the tutorial on Youtube.

1. Shut Down your android phone.

2. Now hold the volume down and power button together and wait for the boot screen.

3. Use the volume up and down button to navigate among the option.

4. Select the “Factory Data Reset” and use the power or Screen On/off button to execute the command.

5. Now wait for the process to complete and again set up your device from the beginning.


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