Xech iSoothe Eye Massager – Worthy purchase?

Xech had launched its eye massager named as iSoothe Eye Massager. It is priced at  INR 4,999/- and is available on all E-comm platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. This Eye massager is better and quite useful for us as in our day to day life we are mostly active on the electronic devices whether is it for fun or our official purposes. Because of heavy usage, we put a lot of stress on our eyes which results in ache and redness in our eyes. Even I spend most of my time on an electronic gadget like a laptop, smartphone for my work and studies, and each time I end up rubbing my eyes.

iSoothe eye massager is an idle choice to give some rest to our eyes and relief from stress. It is also rechargeable and once fully charge it works up to 1-2 hr. It weighs around 485 grams and doesn’t feel heavy while using it. Dimensions are 189 X 200 X 98 mm and the material used in construction is ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). It is quite soft and pleasing to the eyes.


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Five different modes

iSoothe has 5 different modes and each mode has its unique feature. You can easily switch through modes by a short press on the power button. The default state on turning the massager on will be in Automatic Mode and thus all modes will be enabled.

AutomaticAir Pressure, heat, shake, music
FreshAir Pressure, shake, music
SmartAir Pressure, heat, music
LensesAir Pressure, music
SleepHeat, music


  • iSoothe is a portable, foldable & lightweight eye massager system embedded with tiny, invisible Bluetooth Speakers, so you can pair your device and listen to your favorite music.
  • It uses a Hybrid Technique that combines pressure and vibration & 42° Heat compression technology to massage the area around the eyes to improve blood circulation.
  • Built with a Durable ABS body & premium materials that feel really soft to the eyes.
  • iSoothe’s elastic headband is adjustable to fit a wide variety of head shapes and fits all sizes easily.
  • if you use iSoothe regularly you will be able to get rid of Dark Circles, Tired puffy eyes, redness, itchiness (as claimed by the company “Xech” and get fresh & rejuvenated eyes within minutes.


I have been using it for about 4-5 months now and I kinda loved this product. After a long and stressful day, it makes me feel relaxed. The haptic motor of the eye massager is strong and works perfectly fine. Also, the algorithm designed for its working is awesome, the pattern which follows hit right to the point and to the right nerve.

The in-built music is also pure and vibing, you can just listen to it and relax. The company has also provided the Bluetooth speaker but personally I don’t like it much, the output quality is poor and low. I prefer the default music. You can use it as per your doctor’s advice, I use it for 7-8 min sessions thrice a week.

This iSoothe eye massager is value for money product and is totally up to your expectation. For something priced at this range isn’t a bad deal I’ll suggest you give it a try.

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