ColorOS 7 – Features and Updates

Oppo’s ColorOS 7 has officially released globally. The Reno and Reno 10x zoom will be the first devices to get the update. Oppo now claims over 300 million users in 140 countries and support for 80 languages.

The new ColorOS 7 brings a lighter user interface with faster app launch speeds, a refined dark mode, and new camera features.

Oppo’s UI First optimizations are tasked with speeding up the feel of the interface and ensuring a more efficient resource distribution including better RAM management and overhauled touch response. The camera department gets a new image processing algorithm and the Soloop video editor. Oppo also released a preliminary list of devices eligible for ColorOS 7 which you can check out below.

More Features of ColorOS 7


ColorOS 7

1. Customization for icons

After the new update, users can now choose the looks and feel of their icons by designing them whether they want them to be round, square, or pebble. This customization is also available for the third party application which gives the consistent look.

2. New Collection of live wallpaper and Dark Mode

The new ColorOS comes with a great collection of live wallpapers which are quite interactive. You will also find consistency while using “Dark Mode”. Oppo has maintained the dark theme throughout the OS, you will find the dark theme in the phone app, message, notes, clock and even in the notification panel and app drawer.

 3. Animation and Sound Effects

There are many new animations introduced after the update which makes it more snappy while using. Similarly, a lot of improvement is there with the sound, like on/off sound of the screen, notification beep, and the default ringtone.

4. Improved Haptic Feedback

whenever you click on an app or using Numpad, typing over the keyboard, or playing games it gives great haptic feedback which makes it more interesting.

5. Focus Mode And Split Screen

Focus mode is similar to the DND mode in other OS which helps you to stay focus and avoid any disturbation from calls or notification. An additional feature is that it also has a soothing sound which increases your attention level. Split-screen is quite common, it allows you to use multiple apps simultaneously and saves your time.

6. Gestures for Screenshot

You can take a screenshot simply but scrolling down with three fingers. You can also take the screenshot of a particular area just by adjusting it. So you don’t have to crop it later, the new ColorOS does that for you.

7. Support screen recording and pause

It also has an inbuilt screen recorder and you easily pause and stop while recording. There is no need to download a third-party recorder app. The other recorder app also lags but the inbuilt recorder is smooth and gives lag-free experience.

8. Private Safe & Doc Vault

ColorOS 7 also has an inbuilt private safe to keep your pictures and video safe, so that you can access them whenever you need them. There is also a separate document vault, to keep them and you can directly access them without messing and searching.

9. Digital Wellbeing

There is an app that looks after your activity status like how much you are spending your time on the phone and scrolling through things. So if you think you are addicted to your mobile this app will look after that.

10. Gaming Improvement

For Gamers, ColorOS 7 is going to be a great deal. In this Operating System, oppo has created a smooth and well-optimized environment to avoid the frame drops and other lag issues. They have a separate space for gaming that is a great idea.

11. Better image processing of AI

The camera is the main priority of the Oppo and has always performed well. Along with the update, the image processing is also improved. The image processing depends on the OS and it is perfectly managed in the ColorOS 7. The portrait mode, night mode, and auto-detection mode work great.

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